DS-Construções proposes a business relationship with its clients that surpasses the mere sale of services and construction solutions. Our relationship and working philosophy is based on three key pillars: values, experience and partnership.


The values we abide by are those which are associated with the company’s founder – Vitor Sales: honesty, trust and fulfilment of our commitments.


Furthermore, the experience of working within the construction and rehabilitation sector for 40 years attests to our solutions, qualifications and capacity to execute all kinds of projects regardless of the degree of complexity. Finally, DS-Construções regards partnership as the key to successful cooperation between all stakeholders in the construction and rehabilitation processes and therefore orients business relationships in building projects towards the priority of client satisfaction.



Grupo DS has wholeheartedly adopted the concept of network-company. It is a vision which opens business relationships to processes of co-construction of solutions and sharing visions and experiences with the players in the institutional and commercial context. In this situation, we regard our clients and suppliers as partners in the processes of quality and cooperation.

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